Thirteen: 13

The number 13 has a number of interpretations: 

Being the 13th letter of the alphabet, when worn on a bikers cut off, it is said to stand for marijuana or motorcycle. The assumption being, someone wearing a 13 patch is either a user or dealer of marijuana or other drugs, rather than 13/M simply standing for Motorcycle. Another definition of a 13 patch is that the wearer is his own judge & jury - this is due to 13 standing for 12 jurors and the additional number being the judge.
Though considered by many as being unlucky - The truth is, 
you make your own luck!

Han Cholo Knucks

Brass Knuckles Belt Buckle and Spiked Rings

Polished Helmet

Les Ateliers Ruby

Werkstatt- München

Dior: Hedi Slimane

Smart Arse

1995 Britten V1000

10 Britten motorcycles were made by a handful of New Zealand enthusiasts following the dream of John Britten. In the early 1990’s these were probably the fastest 4-stroke motorcycles in the world, able to do wheelstands at 150mph. All bodywork is made of carbon fibre. John Britten died in 1995 at the age of 45.

Carol Christian Poell: Hi Tops

Object dyed, no seam drip-rubber leather sneakers

Into-You: Alex Binnie

Into-You Tattoo